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No time in the mornings? We know the dilemma! Saving time and eating healthy does not have to mean grabbing fast food, or spending much more time meal prepping.  Between a busy life and work schedule, it is not always easy to do both. Smoothies can be a great solution for on-the-go people, just like you!

And if you are one of those amazing people who likes to get their workout in before work (we don’t know how you do it!), smoothies are lifesavers: work out, throw the ingredients in, blend and enjoy while you figure out what in the world to wear today. 

Here are a few smoothie tips that will help you get “Back to Fresh,” making 2017 healthy and delicious.



Tip #1: Use Many Ingredients

Using many ingredients in smoothies will not only enhance the flavor and taste of your smoothies, but could also add some extra good-for-you nutrients. Using a wide variety of ingredient such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and oats will give you extra nutritional value. Also adding milk, honey, cocoa, mint leaves and other natural flavors can make eating healthy delicious.

 Tip #2: Get a Head Start: Prep! Prep! Prep!

Have you heard of meal prepping? We are sure a lot of you have, but if not, it may be the best way for you to save time! Instead of going through the process of chopping up ingredients in the morning for smoothies, prepare your next day meals at night. Freezing smoothie ingredients in muffin tins, or pre-measuring out ingredients can save you added time to an already time-saving meal choice!

 Tip #3: Mix it up A little

Would you eat the same thing, with the same ingredients, every day? Some of you may, but most people like variety. Choices are good and when it comes to staying on a healthy diet, trying different smoothie’s recipes can help you stay happy and motivated to keep up the healthy choices more consistently. Don’t just use the same 3 to 5 ingredients in your smoothie every time you make one. Plan out your smoothies like you would other meals during the week. Variety will keep you loving your healthy treat and on track to your goals!

Tip #4: Use Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are not only one of the healthiest things to put in your smoothies (and body), but they also blend well with other ingredients. Fruits like bananas, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries are usually go-to ingredients for smoothies!

Source: WP Rawl

Source: WP Rawl


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