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Leafy greens. You’ve heard that you should probably include them in your meals routinely, but why? What nutritional advantages do leafy greens possess and how can you best consume leafy greens?

We’re glad you asked!

This year we will explore each of the four major leafy greens we grow, one per quarter:

  • Kale greens (January-March)

  • Mustard greens (April-June)

  • Turnip greens (July-September)

  • Collard greens (October-December)

We are partnering with a Registered Dietitian each quarter of the year, and each RD will look specifically at the leafy green we are highlighting during their respective quarter. They will share exciting nutritional information about the leafy green they are researching, wellness tips, original recipes, and more!

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When you buy our leafy greens, you are buying the culmination of our entire team’s work to deliver an outstanding experience for you. As your leafy greens guide, we are dedicated to getting fresh leafy greens to you with high quality, and we want to show you behind the scenes from around our entire operation so you can see exactly where your fresh produce is coming from and how it’s grown and packed.

What can you expect to see from us in 2019?

Here’s what you need to be on the lookout for throughout the year so you don’t miss out!

  • Blogs on leafy greens nutrition, recipes, and wellness

  • Instagram giveaways featuring WP Rawl swag + other special treats handpicked by our food blogger friends

  • New recipes featuring Nature’s Greens® from food bloggers every week

  • Behind the scenes videos posted on Youtube


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