4 Delicious Ways to Eat Fresh On the Go

With so many activities going on in the spring and summer, nobody wants to waste their daylight hours in the kitchen preparing or eating meals. You’d rather have something nutritious to be able to eat during your child’s baseball game, while playing by the water on your family beach vacation, or on a break during your family bike ride.

We know that you don’t want to fall into the habit of grabbing a quick bite to eat from a fast food restaurant when they need a meal on the go, but we know that many families do. How can you avoid doing that?

Last month, we walked you through the steps of how to meal plan and meal prep on Sunday afternoons to make putting food on the table during a busy week much easier. But did you know that you can easily incorporate a few meals on the go during your meal prep?


Have you ever needed to leave in the morning ASAP, but you really wanted something savory and filling to eat? These delicious Savory Breakfast Mini Egg and Veggie Muffins are clutch to eat when you don't have time to do anything else. Simply take a little bit of your time on the weekend or your days off to make the egg muffins, store in the refrigerator, and heat a couple up each morning to take with you.



Nothing says “on the go” quite like A Mason Jar Salad. Make your salad, store it in a mason jar in your refrigerator, and pack it in your lunch box before you leave the house in the morning. When you’re ready to eat it, all you have to do is shake it up to mix! How easy is that? You won’t miss a second of your child’s baseball game and you’ll still get a fresh, delicious meal.


Most of us struggle to find something good to eat for a snack, especially when we are on the go. We've got a recipe that helps you have something yummy to eat that also gives your body good nutrients it needs to make it to your next meal. Chocolate Cherry Kale Breakfast Cookies are the sweet snack you can indulge on and still feel good about your decision making abilities. Make a batch this weekend and taste your next go-to snack!



Sandwiches are a light and healthy way to eat a meal on the go in the evening. Our BKT (Bacon, Kale, & Tomato) Sandwich is a great one to try! Make a few sandwiches and pair them with some fruit or sliced veggies for a great picnic dinner. Enjoy your dinner at the local outdoor family concert series or during a break on your family bike ride after work. No matter where you choose to enjoy your meal on the go, we know that you’re entire family will love it!

Share your meals on the go photos with us on social media using the hashtags #backtofresh and #naturesgreens, and be sure to tag us! We’d love to see what you’re cooking in your kitchen, and how you’re incorporating our meals-on-the-go tips into your week.