Easy Meal Ideas for Any Time of Day

One of the most difficult challenges with putting a fresh, healthy meal on the table is when you’re preparing the meal for just yourself. Most recipes that you come across are geared towards serving several people rather than one person. We know that it can make things difficult when you’re preparing more food than you can eat during one meal or if you’re spending hours in the kitchen to cook dinner for one.

We suggest looking for two types of recipes: ones that are quick and easy with just a few ingredients, or a recipe that prepares enough food that you can enjoy leftovers throughout the week. 

Recipes you want to avoid? The ones that call for ingredients that you rarely use, ones that take hours to prepare, and ones that will spoil faster than you can eat the leftovers. Save those recipes for when you’re hosting a dinner party with your friends or when you have family in town.


Our Wake Up to Kale” Breakfast Salad, ready in under 15 minutes, is a great breakfast to prepare for yourself in the mornings. It’s a quick recipe that incorporates many ingredients that you likely already have on hand in your kitchen along with a healthy portion of our Natures Greens® Kale Greens.



Ready in under 30 minutes, our Very Veggie Unfried Brown Rice is a healthier version of your favorite Chinese takeout dish. You can customize this recipe to your liking by adding or eliminating particular veggies or by adjusting the amount of each spice that you choose to include. Easily double or triple this recipe to make leftovers that you can dine on later in the week or pack for a healthy lunch option at work.



Sit down with an incredibly delicious dinner this week with our Kale Salmon Spring Quinoa Bowl which you can put together quickly after a long day of work. With fresh ingredients like kale and strawberries, and a helping of salmon, this tasty meal is one of our favorite healthy options for dinner.

Kale Salmon Quinoa bowl_1050.jpg

These cooking for one tips and recipes can help you eat at home more often, help you eliminate food waste from preparing too much food, and will help you choose fresh, healthy options rather than resorting to quick microwave meals for one. Looking for more healthy recipes? Browse through our collection of recipes on our website, http://www.rawl.net/recipes.aspx.

How do you cook for one?

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