Family Meal Ideas for All Times of Day

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Shutterstock #1120735544

Throughout your pregnancy, we know that you did an outstanding job of eating the freshest, most nutritious foods to supply your growing baby with the best nutrition possible. But providing your child the best nutrition possible doesn’t stop once they’re born! As soon as they’re able to eat table food, it’s time to focus back in on what should be included in their diet to help them grow healthy and strong. 

Getting your child to eat what’s best for them—instead of the snack foods they see their friends eating—can be a challenge. We know that kids can be stubborn and incredibly selective with the foods that they choose to eat. However, we know a few tricks to adding in nutrient-rich vegetables and greens into your child’s meals without them noticing.

Our number one tip? Add in an extra veggie or two into a meal that they already love. They may not notice the addition, or they may absolutely love the new flavor. Either way, they’re getting the nutrition that their growing body needs! Here are our recipe suggestions that we know even the pickiest eater will enjoy:


With our Kale & Sausage Egg Muffins, you can help your kids start their day off right with a nutritious breakfast! This combination of eggs, all-natural chicken sausage, kale, and bell peppers is a tasty blend that we know your kids will gobble up in the mornings.


Does your child love fruit? These Turkey Avocado Roll-Ups will satisfy their fruit craving with the inclusion of strawberries, but will also pack a nutritious punch with the addition of our Nature’s Greens collards and avocado. They’re easy for little hands to pick up to eat, and they’re easy to throw in a lunch box for your older kids to enjoy during the school day.


When you’re settling down for a quiet afternoon with your child’s favorite movie, our Sweet Greens and Seeds Popcorn snack is a healthy way to tide their hunger over until dinner time. It’s a crunchy, filling snack that won’t have your children asking for extra butter on top!


Put a spin on your weekly Taco Tuesday, and introduce your family to these delicious Vegetarian Tacos.They can enjoy a healthier version of their favorite Mexican dish—the collards, avocado, cilantro, tomatoes, black beans, and corn make a great substitute for ground beef.