All Prepped and Everywhere to Be

Imagine this: after hitting snooze on your alarm for just a few more minutes of extra sleep, you wake up and hit the ground running for a busy day of activities for both you and your family. There are permission slips to be signed, carpools to school, meetings at work, soccer practice for your daughter, a play date for your son, and everything in between. You’re running late, and there’s no time to make breakfast for the family. What do you do?


 Do you decide that a quick pit stop by a local fast food joint on the way to dropping the kids off is exactly what the morning calls for? After all, you’ve got to get you and the kids fed and what’s better than a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit with a side of hash browns?

 Or do you open up your fridge, grab the smoothies that you meal prepped over the weekend, and hop in the car to get on your way for the day?

 We know that that this first scenario is one that many families are trapped in during busy weeks. According to the CDC, between 2013 and 2016, 36% of adult Americans consumed fast food on any given day. Yes, we know that it can be incredibly easy and tempting to swing through the drive-thru line at a fast food restaurant to grab a quick meal on the go. It beats going into a restaurant and sitting down for a healthier meal and it keeps you and your family on track to making it to your next scheduled activity. But here’s the good news: you can break out of this cycle! Fast food restaurants don’t have to be your go to during busy weeks.

 You can achieve the second, healthier scenario easily with one step: meal prepping!

 Meal prepping is something that we all love here at WP Rawl. There’s no more satisfying start to a week than knowing that all of your grocery shopping is complete and that there’s going to be a healthy, delicious meal available to you and your family for breakfast, lunch, dinner (and the snacks in between, too!) Just think about how much more you’ll be able to enjoy your week and the time that you’re able to spend with your family when you aren’t worried about having to run out to the store or getting dinner going in the kitchen.


Cranberry Pecan Chickpea Salad

Breakfast is often times the most skipped meal of the day—or the one you’re most likely to run to the local drive-thru for in your hurry to start your day. So we’ve rounded up a few ideas for breakfasts or mid-day snacks that can make you feel prepped and ready to tackle the week once you’ve put them together on Sunday evening.

Not So hidden greens smoothie_1050.jpg

"Not So Hidden Greens" Smoothie

Kale Scone_1050.jpg

Superfood Lemon Blueberry Scones

Quinoa Kale Pizza Bites_1050.jpg

Quinoa Kale Pizza Bites

 You can make several batches of one, or make all three to mix and match throughout the week—however you choose, you know that you’ll be better prepared for the day when you’re all prepped and ready to go!

We would love to see all of the ways that you’re taking your meals on the go! Tag us in your photos and videos on social media with @naturesgreens and #farmfreshgreens.

Christine Jackson

Christine is the Marketing Manger for WP Rawl. She loves to spend time with her growing family, is a morning kale smoothie lover, and secretly wishes she could be Jennifer Lopez's body double.