5 Recipes For Football Season

Football season is just around the corner, and we all know what that means.


Now I love football - and I really love food - but I don't love how I feel after a long day of eating junk food at the tailgate or in front of the TV. So let's change that! At WP Rawl, we've selected five healthy recipes for you to enjoy with family and friends on game day. Take a look!


I love the versatility of this dish! Pair it with your favorite tortilla chips, eat it on a hot dog, or put it on tacos. It's got a great southwest flavor and a whole lot of nutrients to keep you energized for the whole game.


There's a new vegetable in town, and it's perfect for grilling out at the tailgate! Introducing Kalettes, a blend of kale and brussels sprouts developed through traditional hybridization. Their sweet and nutty flavor pairs really well with other vegetables like the squash and tomatoes in these skewers.

Tip: Add chicken to the skewers for some extra protein!


3. Kale Guacamole

I only need to say very little about this one. Can you ever go wrong with guacamole for a football game? The answer is no, you cannot. 


It really doesn't get any more American than chips and dip, which is why this Turnip Green Dip is a great, healthy choice when cheering on your team. 

Tip: Go the extra mile. Serve with veggies to get added nutrients.


This chili is perfect for staying warm in the chilly fall weather - not to mention that it's just downright delicious. 

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Christine Jackson

Christine is the Marketing Manger for WP Rawl. She loves to spend time with her growing family, is a morning kale smoothie lover, and secretly wishes she could be Jennifer Lopez's body double.